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Sharon asked about SCA cooking websites...

Well, there's mine... limited as it is:

I've made other food items recipes for which i haven't posted on my 
web site - a private feast, vigil food, etc. Also, i haven't yet 
uploaded all my recipes and comments from my Mists Principality 
Investiture Ottoman Feast in Nov 07, using genuine 15th & 16th C. 
Ottoman recipes, which i've already HTML'ed.

I do have seven of my feasts with comments and a number miscellaneous 
medieval recipes (including 23 German mushroom recipes from several 
14th to 16th century cookbooks, and a number of tasty Medieval Near 
Eastern recipes, including some 14th C. Arabic Lenten dishes). There 
are also my study of Fine Spice Powders - an entry in a 2004 West 
Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition (which i couldn't have done 
without the assistance of this list, after my hard drive died the 
true death and took my research with it), and my tripartite 
examination of A Fragrant 13th Century Spice Box of Andalusia from 
the Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook, A Fragrant 13th Century Spice Box 
of al-Kitab al-Tabikh by al-Baghdadi, and The Two Spice Boxes 
Compared. And there's my now incomplete list of SCA-period Near and 
Middle Eastern cookbooks.

Additionally I host several cookbooks translated by two other SCAdians:
-- The late 14th or early 15th c. Anonimo Toscano, Libro della 
Cocina, translated by Vittoria Aureli
---Three Fifteenth Century German Cookbooks, translations by Giano Balestriere.
While they maybe housed on some other sites, Giano and i consulted to 
correct typos and improve some wording in these cookbooks on my site.
1.) The mid-15th century Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard, the South 
German Cookbook of Master Eberhard, cook to Duke Henry of Landshut 
2.) The late 15th c. South/Central High German cookbook found in the 
Archive of the Teutonic Order, in Northeastern Germany (modern Polish 
Baltic coast).
(Giano noted that while from Northeastern Germany (modern Polish 
Baltic coast), it probably belongs firmly in the South/Central High 
German tradition rather than the Low German one native to the Western 
c.) The 15th or 16th C. Alte Kochrezepte aus dem bayrischen Inntal 
(Old Recipes from the Bavarian Inn River Valley)

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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