[Sca-cooks] Coffyn pan?

Katheline van Weye kat_weye at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 17:01:20 PST 2008

Hee!  I was there on Boxing Day (which he talks about in the linked blog) with
my husband and two SCA foodie friends and spoke to the Hampton Court - Tudor
Kitchen people at length.  Their pies are not baked in a pan.  They use a
thick, tough dough as the container for the filling and they do not eat the
dough but just toss it away (although likely in period it would've gone to the
animals or such).  I have pictures of these pies.  They also talked about items
that were baked in pottery and how the pottery wasn't reused.  Instead the
pottery was broken to get at the food inside.  The pottery was just a temporary

In Service,
Katheline van Weye

--- Johnna Holloway <johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu> wrote:

> I don't know that all coffyns would have been baked in forms or pans.
> If one uses a sturdy pastry made with lard and enough flour, you can raise
>  pastry case that is strong enough to survive without the need of a pan.
> (This is pastry as container.)
> Take a look at the Tudor Cooks Blog-- there's a video there plus pictures
> http://tudorcook.blogspot.com/2007/12/get-back-in-that-kitchen.html
> Also you might run through Ivan Day's photos and recipes for his various 
> pies and pastries.
> http://www.historicfood.com/Pie%20recipe.htm
> He has listed a new course in pastry and pie making.
> http://www.historicfood.com/Pie%20Making%20Course.htm
> Johnnae

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