[Sca-cooks] Hampton Court is Looking for Suggestions

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 16 09:34:57 PST 2008

> "This is a partially hypothetical exercise, so no limitations on how > wacky or far out the ideas can be......except NO practical cookery> courses as that's an assumed 'given' in the pantheon of wished for > courses already!
> Alys Katharine
> I don't expect that most of us can get there, given the US economy at> present, but it might be nice to make some suggestions from our point of> view. Their cookery ranges up to the early 1800s (IIRC) - Georgian> cookery, I think. Any flights of fancy for the imagination??> > Alys Katharine
I think it would be really groovy to be in on the construction of
a "Grete Pye". The kind that has to be carried in by 4 servants.
Recreating a typical daily meal for Henry VIII where several dishes
are brought in and he'd eat from one or two per course.
A visit from the Chinese Emperor and how the Tudor Cooks would
try to interpet classical Chinese recipes to serve.
Roasting a pig and filling the cavity with sausages, roasted organ
foods, train roast, etc.....then having it sewn up so at dinner the
pig's belly would be sliced open and the "guts" falling out.
New World food being plunked into the kitchen and the cooks figuring
out what to do with it. Imagine the Medieval cook confronting tomatoes,
jalapenos, white potatoes, bison, maple syrup, cocoa, etc....
Just off the top of my head.
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