[Sca-cooks] A question pardon if it has been asked

Kimberly Vallance tibbles74 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 12:20:21 PST 2008

I have seen the discussion on bread bowls, and other topics that have 
made me think. Yeah for me that can get dangerous. But here is my question.
While I know that the more documentation that you have the better it is, 
but where does common sense come into play. For example of the bread 
bowls. Rastons where you make the bread, btw it is a great bread recipe, 
and then you take out the insides crumble it up add clarified butter put 
it back in and serve it. Would not that be an example of using bread as 
a bowl? So would it not be a logical thought that other stuff may have 
been presented this way?

Please forgive any ignorance I may show but I am quite curious and like 
I said I think to much for my own good. I have been meaning to ask but I 
fear to offend or start a um a heated discussion.

Anne de la Mare

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