[Sca-cooks] Bread Yeasts

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 19 12:06:00 PST 2008

Happily, the qualities that make you bad a "flaky" crusts will make you 
great with period coffyns, where tensile strength is key.  Make lemonade 
out of those lemons, and make fabulous historical cooking vessels out of 
flour.  I bet you have the the might and the knowhow to make a 
multi-level raised Sea-Pie, let the little modern homemaker try that one 
with "flaky" crusts and watch them crumble.  Yay You!  =)

Cheerleader Selene

Georgia Foster wrote:
> Kimberly Vallance wrote  " I just fail at pastry crusts ..."
> Me too. (insert heavy sigh with deep emotion).  Never could get the hang of a decent flaky shortcrust.  Just not in my abilities list, and I have been trying for 35 years. 

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