[Sca-cooks] Little Susie Homemaker, was Bread Yeasts

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 21 00:10:13 PST 2008

Selene wrote:
>I was avoiding the term "Suzie Homemaker" since my given name happens to
>be Susan and I'm short but not slender.  Just saying.
>Little Selene Homemaker.

Maire retorted:
>THANK you, Selene! I *hate, loathe and despise* that particular 
>moniker.  It says "Susan" on my passport, too, and when I was 
>younger, I had the whole "way too wholesome, blue-eyed, 
>freckled-nose, hair-in-braids" thing down pat.  Not on purpose, mind 
>you, just happens to be my genetic inheritance.  Cute? Ick, icky, 
>ickety, ick....There's just something so...dismissive...about 
>"little Susie Homemaker."
>I may be a short cook built something along the lines of Fred 
>Flintstone, but I have the soul of a warrior goddess.  I just use 
>kitchen tools (and fiber art tools) instead of doing sword/board.
>--Maire "there ain't nothing little about me" NiNuanain

Well, I, like a few others here, am old enough to have actually had 
some "Susie Homemaker" toys (like child sized brooms, child sized dry 
mops, etc.) when i was a child in the 1950s. Anyone who has seen my 
home will know that the intent failed utterly.


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