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OK boys and girls, say it with me now........PICTURES PLEASE!!!!!
Dame Olwen the Odd, picture lover.
> > well i am trying to get some insperation, mostly. i made the target out of marzipann to hold the "arrows". the arrows were just a meaty kabob. i pre made the arrows out of kabob stix, and glued the feathers on, it was a big hit. i got apprentice points:). and yes the target was eaten. > Klaus > > rattkitten <rattkitten at bellsouth.net> wrote:> Ok well I actually did individual "bowls" for guests for a feast and > started making the things about 3 months out and just stored them in > containers... Made them out of sugar paste. Served candied peaches in > them and bits of a marzipan "tapestry" that a certain sweet Lady and > Lord made for me.... ;) Topped off with candied mint leaves. So it all > depends upon what you are looking for... I know since this is the way I > usually work... Is there a theme to the feast? Or is something about > the event being highlighted? That way we can make some suggestion along > those lines... other wise we could all sit here and toss ideas all day. > ;) Not that that would be bad....> Nichola> > > > Robert Evans wrote:> > well i have been given a free range with ideas. i really need a subtleties that i could give ea table. that is in part of a goal. I've done a target with arrows, ea arrow had 4oz of stake. i even made tail feathers for the arrows. the target was marzipan. this was a war feast for 15 or so. i really don't have anything soild. iam going to look around the link. so thanksfor the help.> > and Thor's mt? well the northern edge of Meridies. in Knoxville tn. > > Ld Klaus Hebenstrabe Der Hess> > apprentice and protegee to mistrss Rozalin of Mersia> >> > 
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