[Sca-cooks] Snowin!

Sharron Albert morgana at gci.net
Mon Jan 21 21:58:50 PST 2008

>hope you get thair ok. be safe and warm.
>   some here in the south are, we will say snow deprived.
>   -kluas

We did, in fine shape and good roads. The ride home today was a bit 
more tense: the first 100 miles had received snow, then freezing 
rain, then rain on Sunday night, making roads interesting. And the 
last 100 miles or so had been scoured clean down to the ice and the 
wind was still blowing. We had to slow down a bit.

But there was a big gorgeous moon lighting up the snowscape and we 
made it home only slightly later than usual.

Here's hoping any other travelers had as uneventful a journey as we did!

Morgana yr Oerfa, tired but happy
Wit is educated insolence. -Aristotle, philosopher (384-322 BCE)

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