[Sca-cooks] FW: OOP - Culinary challenge for a feeding tubepatient

Christine Seelye-King kingstaste at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 22 05:56:24 PST 2008

Thanks, but he isn't restricted to clear liquids. He's restricted by the
size of the particles that will go through his feeding tube.  Jello, broths
and such are nice, but are not nutrient, calorie or fiber dense.  He can
certainly have them, but they only replace his water, not his Nutren (which
is like Ensure).  We are trying to create something that will replace some
of the 7 cans a day he's living off of.  
	Another thing his wife and I discussed last night is that they
really want him to be getting nutrients from actual food, rather than
getting all his calories from corn syrup.  He is trying to rebuild, and he
has been down for a while now, so getting him good quality foods are

The fiber can be accomplished by adding some soluble fiber supplements (the
kind that stir in and leave the water clear).  I like the suggestions of
clam chowder and fish oils, I also want to incorporate some Arame (I think
that's the sea vegetable that helps remove radiation from the body - I have
to dig a bit deeper to confirm that) so a seafood base would be perfect for
that.  I am not sure about milky things.  He can't swallow even his own
saliva, so anything that creates much mucous could be problematic.  

As for the Nutren flavors, they are restricted to only what the insurance
company will send them, they can't seem to affect any change in the flavors
they get, which I gather has been a steady diet of vanilla.  

Great suggestions all, thanks for helping me think this through!

I am glad to hear that your friend is doing better. Now you said they 
have to be clear liquids? Well for flavor since you state that he can 
taste it.. why not Jello? It counts as a clear liquid and comes in many 
many many flavors. Nutrients if he can have more milky products look 
into the Ensures... but as for broths... make a fish soup send in 
through the food processor then you can strain through a cheese cloth... 
as to get the liquids and fish oils i have heard are good for you. If he 
can have the more milky or non clear you can always look at the ummm 
muscle man line like at gnc... for weight gain. if his doc clears him 
for non-clear liquids the sky is the limit... as most stuff may be 
broken down. you could make a stock.. with lots of flavor... lots of 
veggies... take out bones puree it and then strain it via cloth. so that 
it is straight liquid. Does that make sense?

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