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Mary Morman published the recipes in a CD I used to distribute, along with the papers that were presented at the event. I'll type in the cheesecake recipe when I get back from Birka...

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devra at aol.com wrote:
> At the Third Medieval Food Conference held in Boulder CO a couple of years 
ago, they had a dynamite Greek banquet. So, ok, it was a Medici interpretation 
of a greek banquet, complete 
> with someone reading poetry and improving lit between courses...  they served 
a really tasty
>  pork and apple casserole, and loely poppy seed honey cheesecakes. Is this 
waht you are looking 
> for, that sort of thing?
> Devra

Gosh yes!  I don't suppose they published those recipes?  That 
cheesecake sounds nummy.


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