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The name of the event is the most confusing part as Laurels don't enter, there are no prizes as it isn't a competition and there is no fighting as it isn't a tournament.   Once you get past the name, the concept is pretty simple.  I've seen these displays at TFYC/Estrella/3YC and at the West's Twelfth Night.  They are awesome!  People (not just the Laurels) hand out special tokens to show their appreciation for the skill and effort put into the works.
And to complete the confusion, there has been a "Laurel's Prize Tourney" at Estrella where ONLY Laurels FIGHT for prizes which are items made by each Laurel entering.  Apprentices may enter with their Laurel's permission.  I attended a couple of these, and the prizes were to die for.  The highest place gets first pick and then down the line.  
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