[Sca-cooks] Everything old is new again

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 25 12:13:29 PST 2008

> Is there a reference for this that I can pass along to the son who is particularly fond of "tako"? >>>
> Perhaps you have one of the new fast food places near you that are  
> opening up, called
> Tako Bell
Sigh.  That could only be an improvement.

Oh, in answer to Mirhaxa, who asked "Where did you get your pan? I 
looked at this food item several months ago but didn't really see a pan 
I liked" I got it at the Mitsuwa Market, a grocery chain for homesick 
Japanese expats.  They look at me like I'm some kind of space alien, but 
I seem to be making intelligent choices so they take my money and don't 
say a thing.


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