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Fri Jan 25 13:19:38 PST 2008

Robert Evans wrote:
>is that like an A&S thing.
>   not trying to be smart, just wanta know were i could get some of 
> that siege action.
>   Kluas
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It's a competition at May Potrero War in the Barony of Calafia. I do 
not know if anyone else does it but if they don't, they should.
http://www.potrerowar.org/ for more info.

The competition is structured thusly:

* Up to five teams compete, each team must have at least three people 
but there is no upper limit in the rules (though there is a practical one).

* At the appointed time on Friday evening, the teams are called 
together to receive a box of groceries and be told the scenario for the event.

* The teams then have 24 hours to transform their box of goods into 
an appetizing feast that fits the given scenario. After the 24 hours 
are elapsed, the judging begins.

* One of the tasks is to identify all of the items in the box. Some 
things are easy, others are much more difficult.

* Then there is cooking, lots of cooking. The only things that can be 
added to what is in the box are water and heat. No electric 
appliances are allowed though propane stoves can be used.

* And then there is documentation. If you can cite a real recipe from 
period sources or use one as inspiration, so much the better.

* And when all the cooking be done, it is time to present to the 
judges. Presentation in an attractive and fitting manner also counts 
towards the determination of the winning team.

* The judges then get more than their fill of all of the items and 
make their choices for best team, best dish and best overall use of 

Eventually winners are announced and a good time was had by all.

Last year was the first time I had ever entered this competition, I 
collected a few people whom I knew I could work with who also had 
great culinary minds and we set out to see what we could do. Maggie 
MacDonald (who also is on this list) was one of them. The other two 
are not to my knowledge members of this forum. We were the smallest 
team and one of two rookie teams. When all was said and done, we had 
taken both best team and best dish.

We made fresh goat cheese, a braised lamb shank with dried fruit and 
hazlenuts, a pottage of lentils and pot herbs, wheat flat bread, 
pickled figs, three kinds of sausage, pork with mushrooms, grilled 
chicken with pomegranate sauce, blancmange, a sweet date and nut 
bread and a few other times. We won our best dish title with a flan 
that we had steamed and topped with quince paste.

I have since gotten "the band" back together and invited Selene and 
my young protege Kathleen de Galloway (12 years old and smart as a 
whip) to compete again this coming May.

It's going to be fun and we shall make a full report upon the 
completion of the event.


  Venimus, Saltavimus, Bibimus (et naribus canium capti sumus)

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