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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 27 08:36:08 PST 2008

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Got a question from one of my mundane friends. She's taken a liking to
a pizza made by a place near her, which made the pizza with a buttery
crust, and was a white pizza. Unfortunately, they're in the habit of
overcooking it, and the service was so bad, the last couple times he
tried to order one, she's given up.

She says that the sauce was an "Alfredo" sauce (shaddap, A ;-) but
what got my attention was her description of the crust, which was
"buttery". Anybody have any idea as to how to make such a crust? > > > > > >

Man, I take a night off to run my pizzeria, and come back to a slug fest
featuring Amaerican pizza places :o)

If you give me the name of the place and city it's in I might actually be
able to get some detail for you about the place and what they do.  It's a
little long odds, but we have a bulletin board for pizza pros (like this one
only more people) who may know of the place your friend went to.

At my place, we call it a parmesan cream sauce (a parmesan mornay made with
milk and cream highlighted with a roasted garlic back note).  We may trot
out the "Alfredo" word when we build a signature pizza with the cream sauce,
chicken, bacon, and spinach.  Sorry A, no noddles on this, but could be fun.

niccolo difrancesco
(mundane pizzaiolo by trade)

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