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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 27 09:01:34 PST 2008

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But it's just not the same, and I'm a little bothered by the blurring of the
some people employ out of necessary expedience, with the norm, and in
fact the only way anybody knows; this is the death of soul food in all

I also think Americans have been conditioned to accept the concept of
"sauce" as something that invariably goes with pasta, and not as a
potential ingredient in a pasta dish; that pasta can be a meal if you
only had some sauce. Probably a comment on the quality of the pasta
we're eating...  > > > > > > > > >

We lament the same travesties, my friend.  The average consuming public is
rather unsophisitcated in the ways of classic foods in so many ways.  Ceasar
and Alfredo are the very beginnings of it all.  We have a guy on the pizza
boards spending great time and expense to get the 'raw tomato' flavor out of
his suace??  We spend huge time and expense most days trying to preserve
that gentile and delicate essence that we can.  He is now going to the
warehouse club store to buy #10 cans of Ragu pizza sauce.  I do wish him the
best, but it is the sort of socialized taste fade and expectation we are
talking about.

Condamento is a foreign concept in America.  Spaghetti is a sauce delivery
system for most people I know.


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