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At 07:21 AM 1/27/2008, you wrote:
>Yes, you're weird.  But intriguing....capers might be interesting on a pizza.

Makes as much sense to me as artichoke hearts. And their bite is a 
bit like kalamata olives.

>Is that the garlic-chicken pizza we ate when I cam to visit? Yummmmm......

Yup. Very tasty stuff. Regina has problems eating tomato products, so 
that's the pizza we get when we order pizza.


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>   There's a local pizzaria that makes a splendiferous garlic-chicken
>   pizza with white sauce. I think it has red peppers, onions,
>   mushrooms, and olives. But you'd better share it with someone you
>   love, because only someone you love will want to be around after 
> you eat it!
>   I like sausage on my pizzas, as pepperoni and my stomach don't get
>   along well. No lil' fishies, and peppers should be red bells. I also
>   like to put capers on my pizza sometimes. Am I just weird?
>   'Lainie
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