[Sca-cooks] parmesan mornay

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 28 06:48:05 PST 2008

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A parmesan what? At least I have a rough idea of what an "Alfredo"
sauce is or should taste like. Like much of the public I wouldn't
know if a parmesan mornay included eels or just what.

Is the spinach there mainly for color? Or would you really taste it?
Maybe onions or chives.

Stefan  > > > > >>

Sorry 'bout that.  Bear fielded the main question.  Bechamel is the 'mother
sauce' of roux-thickened milk, from which come several daughter sauces like
mornay (cheese), sauce creme (heavy cream), and soubise (onions).  Veloute
(meat stock) is a cousin or near relative anyway that uses the roux to
thicken stock, then adds cream or milk.

The spinach in the amount of nearly 3 ounces of fresh baby leaves on the
pizza is there for flavor building as well as color, giving it an earthy
sort of tone rather than a full fledged spinach bite.  Balancing act all in
all.  The bacon is a smoky counter note to highten the whole favor profile.

Hope that answers what you were asking, Stefan.


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