[Sca-cooks] Sad news....

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She was a hero to us on the Walk to Rivendell, list, too, Olwen.  Challenging and feisty the whole way, and never a sour or self-pitying word.
Since most of us (on the Rivendell list) only knew her through the list, we're arranging a special memorial for her.  Since she didn't make it to Rivendell, various members of the list (self included) are donating their miles to get her there in spirit.
I hate saying good-bye to people I've known, even if it was only electronically.....
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  Ro's viewing was held last Friday.  A fairly large number of us from the Barony went although it was very hard for us.  The mass was on Saturday although I could not bring myself to attend.  Ro was a beacon, a hero to many here.  She defied all odds and lived over 6 years after being given a forecast of only having about 1 year.  She wasted no time, complained naught and volunteered for everything that came forth.  She continued to give classes in brewing cordials, autocrat, troll, and was a member of our cooks guild, loving to come hwork on the solties (saying she had no artistic talent but wanted to play none-the-less).  She was an avid writer of recommendations and wanted to make sure every single person was recognized for any efforts and works they did.  I am honored to count myself as one of her friends.  

  Cariad a heddwch (love and peace)

  Dame Olwen the Odd

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