[Sca-cooks] Chickpea and Barley Flour

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I knew that about rye, Dragon...sorry I wasn't specific enough, but I didn't mean *that* far North...talking Ireland and southern Britain.  Thanks for the link and the info....
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  Northern Europe was actually rye country. Wheat does not grow well up in
  the northernmost latitudes.

  Having said that, the wheat in Medieval Europe would most likely have been
  similar to the soft wheat varieties grown today with some areas
  (particularly in Italy) also growing hard wheat and durum wheat.

  I'd suggest finding some spring wheat, a health food store may be a good
  place but you should also check out brewing supply stores for unmalted

  Red wheat varieties tend to have more flavor than white varieties.

  Here's a page that has a good quick reference to the different types:


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