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Wed Jan 30 11:16:19 PST 2008

Huette von Ahrens wrote:
>Hroar and I are going to Estrella this year.  However, it is a 10 
>hour drive for us one way
>and we are going to have to drive all night.  I am very worried 
>about doing this because it
>is such a long drive [yes, I am a Caidan] and because of us having 
>to drive all night.  We are
>planning on leaving at 9 pm and hoping to arrive by 7 am.
>What I need are suggestions of things to drink or eat that will keep 
>me awake enough to drive
>safely.  Unfortunately, I hate the taste of coffee, so that is 
>out.  I was going to stock up
>on Jolt Cola, but I have been unable to find any in my area [Los 
>Angeles CA].  Do any of you
>have any helpful and legal suggestions as to what to use in order to 
>keep awake while driving?
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Caffeine is not the answer. Forget about it. Seriously. But if you 
really must, I recommend green or oolong tea. Sugary drinks are also 
not the answer, stay away from the Jolt and Red Bull and Mountain Dew.

I have found that there are several things that help a lot:

Be well rested before you start.

Take a complete multi-vitamin and mineral supplement before you 
start. You may wish to consider also taking an additional B-vitamin 
supplement (this is one of the good things in those "energy drinks").

Don't try to push through in one long session. Stop every two or 
three hours and take cat naps once in a while where convenient, even 
15 minutes can be a huge help. This goes hand in hand with getting 
out of the car for a bit, stretching and walking around for 10-15 
minutes is extremely helpful in keeping you awake and keeping you 
from getting too sore from sitting for so long.

Don't have carbohydrate-heavy meals. Higher in protein is better as 
it won't affect your energy level as much as the post-meal low you 
can get from a ton of carbs.

Upbeat music. Sing along with it.

Having somebody to converse with is good.

Strong tastes and smells can help too. I like spicy beef jerky or one 
of those Japanese savory snacks like dried cuttlefish or seaweed 
crackers to nosh on and something like mint or cinnamon or clove oil 
as my "aroma therapy".


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