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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Wed Jan 30 13:39:13 PST 2008

Bhadra wrote:
>I'm fortunate in that way too, although there are a lot of things I have yet
>to explore.
>I'm a complete newby to Middle Eastern cookery but remembered seeing this
>I had just missed my groups "Penzey's" order, but at any rate they seemed
>wayy too expensive
>And especially now after I have seen the prices at Habiba's, which are
>altogether inexpensive,
>Will have to check out Adrian's Caravan and The Spice House.
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I have found that ethnic markets that cater to cultures that use a 
lot of spices usually have very good prices on them. They may not be 
quite as perfect and pretty as the top quality stuff you can get at 
some of the mail-order places but they are often just as tasty.

Indian markets are a great place for many spices and some unusual 
items can also be had at Asian markets.

It pays to do your shopping at these places when you can. As an 
example, $20 will buy me a huge shopping bag full of stuff at the 
Indian market, some of which I can't get anywhere else. Even for the 
ones I can, I might have gotten three or four small jars of spices 
for the same price at a supermarket or gourmet store for the lesser 
priced items.


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