[Sca-cooks] I need helpful suggestions

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 17:30:01 PST 2008

Thank you, everyone, for all the helpful suggestions.

Phlip, we really would like to do the trip in two days, but we can't at this moment.  My brother 
has to give up his vacation time so that we can do this.  He is willing to give us three days. 
I asked for four and he balked.  The problem is that the merchant autocrat has stated [after we
sent in our paperwork, by the way] that all merchants have to be set up by noon on Wednesday.
There is no way that we can get there that early.  The best we can do is leave Wednesday night
and arrive early Thursday morning.  You have to remember that I am a caregiver for my 92 year old
invalid mother. Once my mother is gone, we will have no time restraints. But until that happens 
[I doubt that it will happen anytime soon.  Her mother was an invalid also and she lived to be 
almost 100.] I have to ask my brother to take time off work so that there will be someone to 
watch over her while I am gone.  And, no, we can't afford to hire a professional caregiver to
stay with her while we are gone.  That expense would negate all the reasons to try to make money
off of Hroar's pottery.

I have been for this past month staying up all night and sleeping in the morning so that it
won't be a shock to my system to try to keep awake all night.  This is kind of easy for me
as I already am a night owl by nature.  The problem is that Hroar is a morning dove.  He has
been trying to stay up as late as he can, but he fades after 11 pm.  He wants to trade off
driving, but I worry about him driving at night as he has the beginnings of macular degeneration.
So far, what we have worked out is that I will drive until we get out of the outskirts of
the Greater Los Angeles Area, which means until the desert area beyond Hemet, which is about
a 2 hour drive.  Once we are in the more rural areas, we will switch off.  I am hoping that
the more rural area will mean less traffic so that Hroar will be able to handle driving.
And we will switch off as needed.  Once we get to Phoenix I will take over and drive us through
the populated areas where there will be more traffic.  

I like the idea of chewing on gum or eating jerky.  I will bring those along.  Unfortunately,
the CD/tape player in Hroar's van isn't working, so books on tape or disk won't be possible.
And taking a player along won't be possible as almost all of our space will be filled with
pottery or our booth.  But the radio does work and we will find a station that will supply 
us with music to sing along with.

Thanks again.


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