[Sca-cooks] Testing out some non alcohol or low alcohol beverages

Rose Miller rosemeadow3 at lycos.com
Wed Jan 30 17:33:28 PST 2008

I've been testing out some of the honey and water based drinks similar to sekanjabin (would love more of these!), and some of the cider drinks by substituting unfermented apple juice. I'd like to try some more and expand to other nonalcohol based drinks that feature vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs, vinegars, or broths. Or I don't mind if a small amount of alcohol is used as an extractor for something that's hard to extract in the other liquids. I'm also intrigued with the idea of trying out some medicinal drinks that are tasty enough that people might want to drink them as a beverage.

I'm familiar with the info in the Beverages section of the Florilegium and would like to build on that. So if you have come across other interesting possibilities and would point me to them or have found some recipes that your local groups especially like, I'd love to try them out.


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