[Sca-cooks] The Humors, Ginger and Meats

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The essay to see is Constance Hieatt's Of Pike (and Pork) Wallowing in 
Terry Nutter traced all the recipes for the article.
It appears in Fish Food from the Waters. Oxford Symposium 1997.
Terry traced versions using lamprey, carp, pork, et cetera and yes there 
is a version that calls
for pork or beef!
There are also various named soppes galentine and sauces galentine.
See our Concordance of English Recipes for all the mentions to those
galentines that appear in the English works between the 13th and 15th 

As for the humors, I still think that the best book on the topic is Ken 
Eating Right in the Renaissance.


Elise Fleming wrote:
> Greetings!  I have a question regarding humoral theory and the use of
> ginger (galentyne) with beef.  Pork or pike seems to be used with
> galentyne, but what about documented recipes using beef with ginger or
> galentyne (Tudor times or earlier, English).  Is there something in humoral
> theory that would make the medieval cook avoid using galentyne with beef? 
> Or was it done?  I've done a quick internet check and see that there are
> many Oriental dishes with beef and ginger, but the quick look at
> "galentyne" seemed to only bring up pork and pike.
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