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Bhadra bhadradharma at gmail.com
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Thanks so much Lord Stephan! (btw, I very much enjoy the Floregium!)
I found what I was looking for and was surprised they were using sumac
because I only knew of the poison kind.
I bought ground, yeah, I know OOP, but easier.

Thank you
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Sabina asked:
<<< Where would I get some so the sumac in question? >>>
First, welcome to the SCA-Cooks list! You will find folks here with
all levels of cooking experience.
When trying to find sources for unusual ingredients, you might try
searching in the Florilegium and if there is a file there on a
specific ingredient, like sumac, often one or more sources are given
Or for spices check this file in the PLANTS, HERBS ABD SPICES section:
merch-spices-msg  (44K) 11/17/07    Spice merchants. Reviews and
Or this one in the FOOD section:
food-sources-msg  (64K)  3/20/03    Modern sources for unusual
medieval meats
                                        and other foods.
Please be aware that some American sumacs are poisonous, so be
careful of this if you decide to harvest your own. You can find a lot
more details on which ones are poisonous and which aren't in the
sumac-msg file mentioned earlier.
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