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><snip>Jan 30, 2008 11:09 AM, Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Meh.  I want to get Dinner Impossible there for a SCA Twelfth Night some
> > time.
>I watched the episode where he was cooking someplace similar to the Henry
>Ford, using the fire and weight-turned spit, but it was all modern recipes.
>I think he'd be TOTALLY thrown off by having to do period-ish food and
>seasonings :)

They showed period table diagram of the dishes, and told him that he had to
make 12 of the 15 dishes or something like that.  He had to use all food
that was produced there and had people advising him how to cook it.  If he
used modern recipes, it wasn't obvious.  There may well have been more info
that they didn't bother to show on the air.

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    What happened on the Colonial Williamsburg show was very close to what
Ranvaig described.  Basically, a typical 18th century serving diagram was
presented to him.  It had the names of dishes on it.  Suitable ingrediants
were provided.  Receipts for the said dishes were not.  That as well as the
technology was the challenge.  The foodways staff helped guide him on the
use of the equipment, and to a small degree on the techniques used.  In the
end the finished foods were not all particularly period.  Not all of this
was explained on the show.

Ranald de Balinhard
Ron Carnegie Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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