[Sca-cooks] Cooks get together at Estrella War?

Robert Evans honeymonkey78 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 12:36:21 PST 2008

can't make it, my house makes a big deal about pennsic war. i never been to estrella any good?

"Maggie MacD." <maggie5 at cox.net> wrote:
  At 05:32 PM 1/30/2008,Huette von Ahrens said something like:
>Hi again!
>How many of us are going to be at Estrella War? I would love to have a 
>get together
>and meet some of you.

I'll be there. I'll be somewhere in the vicinity of House Iron Maiden (on a 
corner of Calafia).

The two ladies I have coming with me have agreed that we'll be 
participating in/observing that odd looking Banana Bread competition on 
Thursday evening.

Other than that? The 3 of us shall wander about and they will be 
endeavoring to teach me how to enjoy an event with unstructured time.

Maggie MacD. 

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