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Thu Jan 31 19:46:44 PST 2008

I tend to get half-and-half pizzas, and these days generally from the 
Extreme Pizza chain. I generally just get their standard toppings.

One of my favorite toppings is "Holy Cow" - fontina, swiss, 
gorgonzola, mozzarella, roasted walnuts and fresh sage. No red sauce.

Another favorite is "Mr. Pestato Head" - homemade pesto sauce, new 
potatoes, red onions, feta, fresh basil, oregano and mozzarella. No 
red sauce.

And there's "Pandora's Box" - spinach, marinated artichoke hearts, 
sun-dried tomatoes, feta, fresh garlic, fresh basil, oregano and 
mozzarella. No red sauce.

Sometimes i get half with "The Boar'Der" - shredded pork marinated in 
BBQ sauce, red onions, fresh cilantro, cheddar and mozzarella. (which 
is "Ragin' Rooster" with chicken instead of pork)

However i was disappointed with "Poultry Geist" - Chicken marinated 
in a "ranch" dressing, broccoli, onion, swiss, fontina, gorgonzola, 
mozzarella and fresh sage. Might just have been that i didn't like 
the quality of chicken... i generally find that re-heated chicken has 
an unpleasant taste.

Also, i have yet to try "Peace in the Middle East" - homemade hummus, 
tomatoes, olives, onions, feta, fresh basil, pepperoncinis and 
mozzarella. Sounds good to me, but i think i'll wait until it's warm 

However, i'm going to give a pass to "Kickin' Chicken" - Chicken 
marinated in a spicy ginger peanut sauce, scallions, fontina cheese, 
fresh cilantro and mozzarella.  Just sounds a bit off to me.

Finally, Lainie wondered if she was weird to like capers on pizza... 
how can that be weird? I love capers! I always add them to tuna 
salad. And when my daughter was little, around 3 to 7, because she 
liked them, she got a jar of nonpareil capers in her Solstice 
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
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