[Sca-cooks] Butter (OT, a bit)

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Tue Jul 1 01:16:38 PDT 2008

Just recently (yeah, you're gonna laugh) I discovered the joys of heating
oil with spices in it and then adding my meat to it - searing the
herbs/spices into the meat and sealing it before letting the heat 'steam'
the meat from the inside. I'm sure there is some cooking word for doing
that. Anyway, it's about as yummy as you can get. (Kiri, if you don't do it,
I can tell you that for carb-less cooking IT ROCKS.)

Now I wonder - do you think that ghee or clarified butter would work the
same way as olive oil? I've got three weeks of camping coming up and might
like experimenting.


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