[Sca-cooks] Groovy Camp oven

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Tue Jul 1 13:50:27 PDT 2008

Michael Gunter wrote:
>> Evil! Evil, you hear! Get thee behind me! Do I need more kitchen
>> equipment? Do I need to listen to a Certain Person whine about all the
>> stuff I drag camping? Do I hear him whine about camping with a real bed
>> and real food? Uhh.... maybe not.
> Wow. I'm certain my lady could have written that.
Heh. We keep kicking around the idea of a small trailer (biggest  
barrier is room to store it) and while he says "If we get a trailer 
you'll just start carrying more stuff!", I say "If we had a trailer I 
wouldn't have to foist so much stuff onto the roof of the car and maybe 
tourneying wouldn't be so hard on me!" Not to mention that we might be 
able to leave it partially packed, which would also help...
>> I have a foot-square camp oven that fits on top on the Coleman stove,
>> and it works pretty well. 
> I've thought about getting one of those. I even found a larger
> model that runs on a gas canister.
> Perhaps when I'm able to relax at an event and hang in camp
> I might get one and do some baking and making stuff from
> scratch in camp.
I don't do a lot of pre-cook, mostly because for me, the process is as 
important as the product. I just love paddling around my kitchen and 
chatting with folks as they come by investigating the smells. Cooking is 
fun. Am I just weird?


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