[Sca-cooks] Tall cabinets and short people

Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Tue Jul 1 14:07:57 PDT 2008

James Davis said:
<As heavily as you like to load bookcases, Selene, I'd recommend you look
for sales on ones like the oak ones we got from Dectira.>

Well, this may not be popular, as their "cheap", as in particle board... But
mi9ne have served me well and I do load my bookshelves pretty heavily and
have never had a shelf snap on me (maybe because they're relatively narrow
and thus the load can never get too terribly high?) 

I just get the cheap bookshelves from the office supply stores.  They're
usually really reasonable, and which one I buy from depends on what color I
need usually, as generally one store carries white, another black, and
another cherry.  I like the Sauder a lot, but have never had any problems
with the store brand either.  The 5 shelf are generally 70-72 inches high
and have one fixed shelf and three adjustable shelves (the bottom counts as
a shelf as well.)  

The Staples store brand is 72"H x 28"W x 12"D, is available in oak, cherry
and white, and runs about $50:

The Sauder runs a bit higher.  OfficeMax has it listed for around $90 (they
have their own brand listed in the $50 range - I haven't tried theirs.) You
might find them cheaper if you look around (I'm fairly sure I didn't pay
that much for mine.) That is listed as being 71.496 x 29.606 x 11.496
(which, rounded is about the same size. A little wider.) They have Pine,
Oak, Mission Cherry, Black and White finishes.

OfficeDepot's brand is now "RS To-Go" (never heard of them... Think I got
the Sauder from them back when I got them) listed around $63.

OfficeDepot also has a "wide" model(29.5" W) and a "commercial" model (36"
W) ... both of which are Office Depot brands, (and I have bought the
"commercial" model before with good results.)  Colors on the models vary,
but tend to be black, oak and cherry at the least.  Everything I have is
either black (matching a black lacquered coach and oriental accessories) or
Cherry (matching a cherry couch and accessories), with the exception of the
white bookshelf I use in the kitchen ;-) 

I also have gotten really nice cheap bookshelves at Target, but not *tall*
bookshelves.  The ones I've gotten there have always been the *slightly*
fancier ones, or the stackers... (I put those in the living room and use the
top surface of those for display, unlike the tall ones I put in the office,
where I use all 5 shelves for books*.) And I'm not showing the cheaper
models I bought from Target on their website so I can point to them - but
they're always in the store near the stackers. 

Hope this helps!

In service,

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