[Sca-cooks] camp ovens and mass ovens at home

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Jul 1 21:50:48 PDT 2008

> Eh, personally I'll pass on that. I have yet to find something I can't
> bake in a sufficiently sized cast iron Dutch oven with an appropriate
> supply of hot coals available.
> My ultimate goal for an upcoming war is to build and operate a
> temporary on-site brick bread oven. Now that would rock. Which war and
> when is still up in the air right now. >>>

Perhaps some of the comments and descriptions of what people have  
done, in this file in the SCA-CAMPING section of the Florilegium  
might be of interest:
camp-ovens-msg    (58K)  6/25/06    Small period and SCA camp ovens.

<<< You ought to see the community ovens they run at Estrella.  Next  
time I
go, I want to hang out there. >>>

Oh? Can you or some else give us more details on these and how they  
are run? I've only been to Estrella once and that was over 15 years  
ago, probably long before these were created. Are these permanent or  
are they rebuilt each year? Are these in one location or scattered  
throughout the park? Who runs these or created this project? I'd love  
to have an article on these for the Florilegium.  Perhaps such a  
project could be made to work at other sites, such as Gulf Wars.

<<< I'm building a permanent brick bread oven in the new place actually.
There's this half-finished brick BBQ that would convert pretty easily;
just fill in the hollow inside, pour a slab then start building the
dome.  Booyah!

Selene  >>>

Sounds like an interesting project. If you decide to do this, could  
you take a series of photographs as you progress? I think a step-by- 
step how-to article on this might encourage others to try this as  
well. I know I'd like to see and hear how this turns out.

You've probably already read through this file, but if not, perhaps  
some of the info in it might be of use such as the other sources of  
information mentioned in it.

This is in the FOOD-UTENSILS section of the Florilegium:
ovens-msg        (104K)  1/29/08    Medieval ovens.

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