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Molli Rose asked:

<<< Greetings, I pray you are all well and in fine spirits.  After a  
long absense form the list, I've returned with a refreshed interest  
in period food and cooking.>>>

Well, we were discussing Scotch recently. :-)

Welcome back to this list!

<<< Please, to help aide some resent interest and research, I was  
hoping to pick ya'lls brain for Period German recipes/resources. >>>

We've had various conversations in the last year on period German food.

Here are a few files that I have probably added or updated in the  
Florilegium since you left.

German-Feast-art  (32K)  2/26/06    German feast cooked for the Erud Sul
                                        Investiture by HL Caitlin  
Ruadh (called
                                        Ru) and Lady Evja Johannsdottir.
fd-Germany-msg   (124K)  1/19/08    Medieval and Period German food.  
Eberhard-art      (91K)  6/29/05    A 15th century German recipe  
                                        translated by Giano Balestriere.
Inntal-art        (32K)  6/29/05    An early 16th century recipe  
collection from
                                        Bavaria translated by Giano  
Konigsberg-art    (28K)  6/29/05    A 15th century cookbook from East  
                                        translated by Giano Balestriere.
23-Ger-Mushrm-art (28K)  3/ 6/03    "Twenty-three German Mushroom  
                                        by Anahita.
    (Well, this one may not be new since you were last here...)

I hope this helps.

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