[Sca-cooks] camp ovens and mass ovens at home

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I know that Grace Whyting (?? spelling) has built an oven on a cart...she
had it at Pennsic last year.  You might want to ask her for
information/pictures of what she did.  She baked small things (small cakes,
pretzels) at our last Kingdom A&S event, and served them to any and all who
were interested.  Grace, if you're here...let Stefan know about your


> somewhat, on the Estrella ovens.  We didn't mud them, but they worked
> decently anyways.  We'll be using them again in the future, and will be
> doing more experiments with them next years.  I'd like to try some meats,
> maybe, and definitely some Shrewsbury cakes and some marchpanes, but what
> we
> did get in the two days we fired them up (whole wheat bread on one day, and
> a barley bread on the second day, with baked fruit cobblers on the second
> day as well) were pretty tasty.  We'd lost a bit much of the heat on day 2,
> so while the bread came out beautifully, the cobbler cooked but didn't
> brown.  I'm going to override the initial instigator of the idea, and get
> us
> a probe thermometer for next year.....
> Building them was lots of fun.  I got a few pictures, but all you can
> really
> see of it is this square pile of brick and sand.
> --Maire
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> > Oh? Can you or some else give us more details on these and how they
> > are run? I've only been to Estrella once and that was over 15 years
> > ago, probably long before these were created. Are these permanent or
> > are they rebuilt each year? Are these in one location or scattered
> > throughout the park? Who runs these or created this project? I'd love
> > to have an article on these for the Florilegium.  Perhaps such a
> > project could be made to work at other sites, such as Gulf Wars.
> >
> > <<< I'm building a permanent brick bread oven in the new place actually.
> > There's this half-finished brick BBQ that would convert pretty easily;
> > just fill in the hollow inside, pour a slab then start building the
> > dome.  Booyah!
> >
> > Selene  >>>
> >
> > Sounds like an interesting project. If you decide to do this, could
> > you take a series of photographs as you progress? I think a step-by-
> > step how-to article on this might encourage others to try this as
> > well. I know I'd like to see and hear how this turns out.
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