[Sca-cooks] Period Fire Starting - The Glare - the MOM voice

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 2 20:48:55 PDT 2008

>Is that anything like a Drill Sargeant's voice? My dad used to tell me my 
>voice alone would get me a good career in the Marines.  I project without 
>even meaning to, and I used to be the only one in the family that could 
>actually get the dogs to actually SHUT UP.  AND STOP THAT BARKING *NOW*.  I 
>suspect that the heralds will find me out one day, and force me into field 
>heraldry or something.....

Don't laugh.  That's how Lord Colm Dubh became a herald.  When I realized I could hear and understand him perfectly, speaking in his normal speaking tones from the far side of a good-sized tourney field... I said, that's our boy and pressed him into field heraldry announcements for the rest of the day.  And the decade.  His own nitpicky professorial inclinations made him successful on the book-heraldry side.


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