[Sca-cooks] OOP -- Cherry Liqueur

Sheila McClune smcclune at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 2 23:56:29 PDT 2008

Hello to the list!

I know that fruit liqueurs are pretty much out of period, but since the 
folks on this list are such a wonderful repository of cooking wisdom, 
I'm hoping you can help me in a quest for information.

When we bought our house last fall, we knew it had some fruit trees and 
a couple of grape vines.  We didn't realize that there was also a cherry 
tree until I looked up at the beginning of June and said, "Huh, those 
things on that tree there look like proto-cherries!"

They were indeed cherries, and are now ripe.  The harvest was not huge 
-- about 3 1/2 cups before pitting and trimming off of buggy bits -- and 
I split it with a friend.  We may still get another cup or two off of 
the tree, but there won't be great quantities of fruit.

There's not enough for pie; there's not even enough for a cobbler.  And 
they are *very* tart.  So my thought for these was to make some cherry 

Only I've never made liqueur.  I know it involves alcohol, sugar, fruit, 
and time, but I don't know what quantities of any of these things is best.

Anyone have any advice?

In a month or so, I'll be needing creative ideas on how to use peaches, 
because if all goes well, it looks as though we will have a bumper crop 
this year.  The apples aren't doing quite as well, but we should have a 
few of them.  And the grape vines are sporting teeny weeny little grapes 
-- we have at least two varieties, concord and chardonnay, plus two 
mystery vines that do not appear to have produced last year.

What fun!

Caerthe, Outlands
(Denver, CO)

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