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Thu Jul 3 07:17:47 PDT 2008

I just did a Strawberry Pottage from Two Fifteenth Century Cookery books
that got a lot of good feedback.

Other things to try - Roasted Chicken. If doing Tavern style, I'd suggest
getting leg quarters and butchering them to the drumsticks and thighs. You
can get the leg quarters pretty cheap at Wal-Mart (47 cents a pound the
last time I bought a month ago). You can there make a couple of sauces to
go with the chicken.

Another recipe that is likely to go over well is "Guissell" again from Two
Fifteenth Century Cookery books, an interpretation of it is akin to Stove
Top Stuffing... which would be a nice side to roasted chicken.


On Thu, 3 Jul 2008 10:12:09 -0400,  wrote:
> Ciao!
> I am getting started in planning my next "feast" and it is going to be
> an English one. I have put the term "feast" in the scary quotes
> because it really isn't a feast. It is being billed as a "Tavern Meal"
> so that we can keep the cost at $6 a head. My intent is to serve 2
> meats, a couple of sides, a starch and a sweet all in one big course -
> Tavern Style.
> Because I am serving such a small number of dishes I need to make sure
> that each and every dish has a very broad range of appeal and is super
> duper tasty. This really isn't the environment for me to "challenge"
> people with tastes and textures. It is a Fighting event and my goal is
> for everything to be period, tasty and filling.
> What I am hoping to start a discussion on here is y'alls' most
> favorite English dishes. I am not too concerned with specific time
> period, just that I keep it English. Have you prepared, tested, served
> a super duper yummy English dish that everyone raved about? That
> everyone wanted seconds of? That only the pickiest of picky eaters
> turned their noses up at? Then I would love to hear from you.
> If you have something then the period recipe would be great - seeing
> how you interpreted it would be even better! So no spoon teases. And
> if you only ate something at a feast that you knew was English and you
> can give a general description - hopefully I (or someone else here)
> can run it down.
> Thank you!
> --
> Serena da Riva
> (yes this is my second "feast" of this year, when it rains - it pours!)
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