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Normally what I do is make these in old jam jars. For cherries I use
brandy, and a light rum for peaches. I usually use gin or vodka for
berries. I'm not sure what I'd use for white grapes, possibly vodka. I
usually leave them for 6 months to a year (though they can be used after
2 - 3 when the sugar is dissolved) and they make very welcome gifts.

Fruit Liqueurs

Fill 2/3 of the jar with cleaned and stoned fruit (depends on the fruit
if I skin it). 
Top that up with sugar syrup to about 1/3 of the jar. 
Then fill the rest of the jar up with alcohol. 
Put the lid on tightly and don't forget to label it with date and
Give it a good shake, then put it away in a dark cupboard for about 3
Give it a shake once a week or so. 
When ready, drink the alcohol and use the fruits on ice cream. Yum! 

Important! A lot of people say that because vodka is tasteless (which is
a lie), it doesn't matter what quality it is for liqueurs. This is
wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Use cheap spirits and your liqueurs
will taste awful, no matter what the quality of the rest of the
ingredients is like. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn't drink it straight,
don't use it. 

Best of luck!


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Only I've never made liqueur.  I know it involves alcohol, sugar, fruit,
and time, but I don't know what quantities of any of these things is

Anyone have any advice?

In a month or so, I'll be needing creative ideas on how to use peaches,
because if all goes well, it looks as though we will have a bumper crop
this year.  The apples aren't doing quite as well, but we should have a
few of them.  And the grape vines are sporting teeny weeny little grapes
-- we have at least two varieties, concord and chardonnay, plus two
mystery vines that do not appear to have produced last year.

What fun!

Caerthe, Outlands 

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