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Amy Cooper amy.s.cooper at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 08:17:07 PDT 2008

That's it... I"m making this sauce for next feast night... Garlic = Good...
Oh hell, why wait for feast, I'll make it for dinner tonight! LOL Just need
to swing by the store and get some actual garlic cloves (I use the
pre-chopped stuff at home most times)


> From Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books (I don't have the hard copy in
> front of me or I'd provide the MS data):
>  Sauce gauncile.--Take floure and cowe mylke, safroune wel y-grounde,
>> garleke, peper, salt [added in MS ] (Note: added in different ink.) and put
>> in-to a faire litel pot; and se(th)e it ouer (th)e fire, and serue it forthe
>> with the goos [added in MS ] .
> Rough quantity suggestions:
> 1 pint milk
> 4 Tbs flour [either cheat and make a roux with butter, use Wondra-type
> thickening flour, be good with a whisk, or blend the result to get rid of
> possible lumps]
> 12 peeled garlic cloves
> ~1/4 tsp saffron, crushed
> salt and pepper to taste
> Mix some milk with flour to make a smooth slurry (or use your own preferred
> method for making a non-lumpy white sauce) and whisk into the milk. Bring to
> a simmer until it thickens, reduce heat to minimum, add other ingredients,
> simmer until garlic is very tender.
> The recipe doesn't mention this, but options include A) pureeing it all, B)
> removing half the garlic cloves, pureeing the rest of the sauce and
> returning the whole garlic to the sauce, or C) leaving the garlic whole. My
> usual preference is B). This way, just in case anyone doesn't know there's
> garlic in it...


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