[Sca-cooks] Cutting Up Chickens: Was English Food

Audrey Bergeron-Morin audreybmorin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 08:49:30 PDT 2008

> who hates to have cooks send out whole chunks of meat and expect that
> someone at the table will a) be able to cut it up and b) do so in equal
> portions.  How have you feast cooks avoided this problem?

I still don't like it, but the best solution I've seen so far is to
reduce the number of people expected to share the food (6 seems to
work well) AND send good knives from the kitchen with the item to be
cut. Still not my ideal way of serving, but it works relatively well.

I like the Asian style myself. In most of these cultures (I mean
traditional food, of course, I know they eat with knife and fork when
they eat Western food) they eat with chopsticks only, so the food is
expected to be cut to bite-size pieces before it makes it to the
table. I like that :-)

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