[Sca-cooks] A (relatively) cheap oven idea...

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Jul 3 10:42:45 PDT 2008

So all this oven discussion here on sca-cooks got me thinking... 
which is sometimes a dangerous thing...

Here's an idea for an easy, and relatively cheap terracota camp oven.

Get a large, heavy-walled terracotta (unglazed!) flower pot, make 
sure it is not too large to handle easily. Get a large, thick 
(unglazed!) terracotta tile (or tiles if necessary or fire bricks) 
big enough to support the pot while it is inverted.

Have your bread dough proofing and nearly ready to bake.

Place the tile(s) or brick base in a fire safe place. Do the same for the pot.

Build a fire atop the tile(s), build another inside the pot. Let them 
heat for about an hour. Brush the embers and ashes off the tile or 
brick base, dump the embers and ashes from the pot, place your ready 
to bake loaf in the center of the tile, place the pot (inverted) over 
the loaf. Let bake until the bread is done, it should not take too 
long (though I will have to experiment to get the right timing) and 
the terracotta ought to retain enough heat to bake the bread fully.

I'm going to look for a suitable pot and tiles and give this a try. A 
lot easier and lighter than a brick oven and it ought to work well.


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