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Arwen asked:

<<< I know that fruit liqueurs are pretty much out of period, >>>

Maybe. I've seen good arguments on either side. Part of it gets into  
what the liqeours were used for. Do you include them when they were  
used medicinally or just for enjoyment?

There are these files in the BEVERAGES section of the Florilegium.  
These were all A&S winners I think, but I don't know what the basis  
was for their being period.

Apricot-Crdal-art (12K)  6/30/00    "Apricot Cardamom Cordial"
                                        by Constance de LaRose.
Kiwi-cordial-art  (10K)  6/23/00    "Prickly Gooseberry, Mango,  
                                        Cordial" by Constance de LaRose.
Peach-Brandy-art  (12K) 10/25/01    "Peach Coriander Brandy" by Lady  
                                        de LaRose.

<<< There's not enough for pie; there's not even enough for a  
cobbler.  And
they are *very* tart.  So my thought for these was to make some cherry
liqueur. >>>

Well, maybe you'll get more next year. There is this file in the FOOD- 
FRUITS section:
cherries-msg      (68K)  7/13/06    Period cherries and cherry  
dishes. Recipes.

<<< Only I've never made liqueur.  I know it involves alcohol, sugar,  
and time, but I don't know what quantities of any of these things is  
best. >>>

This file has a lot of info on making cordials and a number of  
recipes. Unfortunately I didn't find any using cherries.
cordials-msg     (126K)  2/26/06    Period cordials and liqueurs. SCA  

<<< And the grape vines are sporting teeny weeny little grapes
-- we have at least two varieties, concord and chardonnay, plus  
twomystery vines that do not appear to have produced last year. >>>

Well, you could wait until they are ripe enough to make wine. Or, you  
could use some of these green grapes, maybe when they've grown a  
little bigger, to make verjuice.

In the FOOD section:
verjuice-msg     (128K)  1/17/08    Medieval verjuice. Modern  

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