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This sauce has been used with great success for years.

Feasters beg for more. Good on any meat, bread, spoons, etc.

Randell Raye


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from the Florilegium.org website. Type in Sauce Robert and there you go....:) 


        This rich, creamy, slightly tangy sauce appears in many of the French sources. There is some variation, for example le Cuisinier françoisç updates his with capers, but all use verjuice and mustard and butter. What it's served on seems to vary as well, with le Menagier a Paris putting it on poached sole (M30), le Viandier de Taillevent on poached or baked John Dory (a North Atlantic flat fish) (T115, T207), and le Cuisinier françois on Poor John (another fish, maybe a regional name for a John Dory?) (V80), goose (V33, p41), pork loin (V56, p48), or wild boar (V39, p67). We've enjoyed this sauce on fish, pork, and even veggies, though there's no documentation for the latter. Heck, it's even good with bits of bread...
Poor John with a Sauce Robert. (V80) 
You may put it with butter, a drop of verjuice, and some mustard, you may also mixe with it some capers and chibols.

Barbe Robert [Sauce] (T207) 
Take small onions fried in lard (or butter according to the day), verjuice, vinegar, mustard, small spices and salt. Boil everything together. (A 1583 cookbook quoted by Pichon et al., p109)

(M30) "POLE" and SOLE are the same thing; and the "pole" are speckled on the back. They should be scalded and gutted like plaice, washed and put in the pan, with salt on them and water, then put on to cook, and when nearly done, add parsley; then cook again in the same liquid, then eat with green sauce or with butter with some of the hot cooking liquid, or in a sauce of old verjuice, mustard and butter heated together.
Our version:
1 tsp. rinsed and minced capers
2 tsp. minced green onion, just the white part
2 tsp. fine ground prepared mustard
1/2 stick butter
1 tsp. cider vinegar or verjuice, if you have it
Mix all over heat till well blended. If it separates, whip with whisk till reblended. Makes about 1/2 cup. 
Serve on poached fish or roast pork or goose.

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