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The pear mustard from Welserin has been a *huge* hit around here whenever
I've served it. Mustard made from hypocras spices is also pretty tasty
(and gosh, you have to make hypocras, too, to have the leftover spices!)
as is the Welserin pear mustard with added horseradish.

Margaret FitzWilliam > > > > > >

While Serena has made that same pear mustard (making the pear preserves as
well bfore adding to the mustard) . . . it is more German than she is
looking for.  It appears she is seeking a good, old fashinoned, 2 fifteenth
Centerury Cookery Bokes / Pleyn Delight / Forme of Curye sort of feed.

Pumpes (meatballs) could work

Egurdouce is always a favorite . . . and can possibly be done with chicken
as a substitute meat (though not a documentably period dish)

Connys in cyrip is done well with chicken

CAPONS eSTEWED that you mentioned earlier came across to me more a braise,
and should be quite good for this type of feeding.

Pies of Parys could work
(see 2 15th cent CB)

Flathonys is my all time favorite English dessert . . . beer and custard

Rissoles of fruit should be simpler enough with a deep fryer (though oil is
pretty high these days).  Use the version without a dough skin

Daryoles. Take wine & Fresh broth, Cloves, Maces & Marrow, & poweder of
Ginger & Saffron & let all boil together & put thereto cream (& if it is
clotted, draw it through a strainer) & yolks of Eggs, & mix them together, &
pour the liquor that the Marrows was seethed in thereto; then make fair
coffins of fair paste, & put the Marrow therein, & mince dates &
strawberries in time of year, & put the coffins in the oven, & let them
harden a little; then take them out & put the liquor thereto, & let them
bake, & serve forth.(Two Fifteenth Century Cookery Books. Harleian MS. 279.

The old favorite, Lomdard pasties can come out . . . or Icelandic chicken.
Pies of Paris above can be done as hand pies.

If you have good bread to serve witrh these, any of the braised/cooked in
sauce dishes should be very good.

niccolo difrancesco
(SOOOOO long since I did regular English cookery . . . . too long)

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