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Gianotta asked about chestnuts:

<<< This past Saturday I dragged my mom to the local H&Y food market.  
My main objective was Pocky, but I also picked up a bag of dried  
chestnuts. The intent is to make a Tuscan chestnut and rice soup  
(chopped, sauteed chestnuts, arborio rice, onions, chicken stock, bay  
leaves, salt, pepper). But what are your favorite period entree  
recipes with chestnuts? What are your favorite non-period chestnut  

Another question: Can you make chestnut flour from dried chestnuts,  
or are they too hard to run through a food processor?>>>

This is the first I think I've heard of chestnuts being available  
dried, so I don't know if any of the recipes given in this file can  
be used with dried, rather than fresh, chestnuts but perhaps worth a  

This is in the FOOD section of the Florilegium:
chestnuts-msg     (36K)  1/20/08    Medieval harvesting and use of  
                                        Roasting. Recipes.

Your main objective was Pocky? What is "Pocky"?

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