[Sca-cooks] you eat what is set before you - was 101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors

Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 17 16:12:06 PDT 2008

Standard Rule  in my mother's house.  It stems from the time when food was scarce.
You eat what is set before you.
As a young-un, we were required to "eat what was set before" us, AND were required to say "Thanks Mom ... dinner was good".  To not clean one's place, or to forget the courtesy was almost always physically painful.  I even learned to choke out the courtesy after being forcefed undercooked Antelope (pronghon) liver (it was rubbery and tasted of chalk mixed with sage and onions).
Now that food is more plentiful (at least at the moment), my own family not required to EAT it ... but they ARE required to TRY it.  No ... I am not being a hipocrite (sp?), when I buy the food, I expect it to be tried before being dismissed.  
I am willing to try Avacado Ice, I am perfectly willing to try carrot flavored icecream (heck ... why not mix it with lemon sherbet and make a creamsicle type confection).  I am pretty sure I would not buy Deep Sea Water flavored ice cream.  
Your Mileage May Vary.  I could be a loon.
Jo (Georgia L.) Foster Never knock on Death's door.Ring the doorbell and run ... he hates that. I don't want to set the world on fire, I'm just trying to light a candle.

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