[Sca-cooks] OOP - Weird American food?

Jane Boyko jboyko at magma.ca
Thu Jul 17 19:17:26 PDT 2008

Mmmm, that sounds delish!!!
> Many of the desserts were made in bombes - i'd only seen them on 
> display when i was a kid - clearly they'd gone out of use in the US 
> after WWII. So the bombe - a mold - would be lined with, oh, say, 
> raspberry sherbet, then filled with, oh, say, strawberry ice cream 
> (while they were still soft), then frozen. Served with chantilly 
> (that's whipped cream) and a coulis of red fruit... This is an example 
> - i do remember that at least one eaten by our crowd was very red 
> fruity, but i really don't remember any of the others.
> It was so elegant and Edwardian. The place probably ceased to exist 
> decades ago.
> But i'm not surprised that ice cream in a soda and pureed ice creams 
> are not welcome with meals by the French.

What about Beaver Tails (deep fried pastry served with granulated sugar 
and cinnamon) I know these have different names in other places.  We had 
some visitors from Norway and introduced them this delicacy and they 
were absolutely appalled at the volume of sugar on it.

I know many of my friends have issues when I make strawberry, or other 
fruit perogies, and serve them with sour cream and a bit of salt.

My parents made bacon and strawberry jam sandwiches (toasted).


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