[Sca-cooks] lethal drinks

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Jul 17 21:11:56 PDT 2008

--On Thursday, July 17, 2008 11:39 PM -0400 Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Wrong Noni almost killed me. Anyone who needs to take a potassium
> supplement can die of too much sugar in Noni. Please before selling study
> the facts. This is very serious. It is my life or your bread.

Well, right and wrong -- noni specifically is the sweet drink that you 
drank too much of that reacted badly with your potassium supplement. But 
from what you say and have said, ANY drink with a lot of sugar in it would 
have had the same affect. So it's not Noni juice specifically that is a 
problem, but sweet drinks in quantity.  FWIW, a 2 liter of coca-cola (or 
just plain sugar water) can kill me (take off the insulin pump, drink the 
2liter coke, wait for coma). Doesn't mean coke is dangerous to everyone, 
just means that I and other diabetics need to be aware of the level of 
carbohydrates we consume (and especially in the simple sugar form).

toodles, margaret

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