[Sca-cooks] pumpkins and squashes

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jul 18 22:38:27 PDT 2008

> Bear said:
> <<< Purely as a guess, pumpkin pie began as an Elizabethean "thang"  in 
> the New
> World as a replacement for some of the pie stuffs the colonists had left
> behind.  >>>>
> Okay, such as what? I can't see it replacing a berry pie. It's too 
> different. And I can't think of anything in a custard pie which  wouldn't 
> have been available in the New World, at least after the  colonies were 
> going.
> Stefan

Again, as a guess, this was a replacement for sweet potato pie which is an 
Elizabethan treat and probably not generally available in Virginia at that 

Also, you are being far to restrictive in your idea of pie.  You appear to 
be assuming a dessert, where as pie in the Elizabethan usage may be an 
intergral part of the meal and not necessarily sweet.  I've made artichoke 
pie and within easy reach I have Elizabethan recipes for eel and onion pie, 
apple and orange pie, and olive pie.  The olives in olive pie are slices of 
stuffed meat.


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