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Instead of stewing the pumpkin, you can havk it into useabl chunks and then bake in the oven for 1 1/2 hour at 300'. Let it cool enough to handle and then just scrape out the pulp with a spoon. No peeling pumpkin no mess.

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> Stefan asked how to preserve pumpkin.
> A traditional method is to cut the thing up, thread the
> pieces on string, and hang to dry.
> When Diarmaid and I announced our engagement, my great Aunt
> Cammie sat us down so she could pass on "the old family
> pumpkin pie" secret:
> Select a good, ripe pumpkin
> The night before making your pie, wash the pumpkin and cut
> it into chunks, and put the pieces in a bowl and set it in
> the refrigerator.
> The next morning, after your husband goes to work, throw
> the pieces out and use canned pumpkin.
> My mother once - ONCE - stewed down a fresh pumpkin to make
> pie.  It took a lot of time, and I don't recall that had
> much of a different taste from one made with canned pumpkin.
>  I'm quite content to let the nice people at Libby prep
> my pumpkin for me.
> We don't eat it just for dessert.  I put very little
> sugar in it, and so the tongue registers it as a little
> more on the "vegetable dish" than
> "dessert" range of the taste scale.  We'll
> eat it for breakfast, if we have it on hand.
> Talana
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